Corona Virus Update 3/17/20

We are working very hard to provide the best care and recommendations in regard to the rapidly evolving Coronavirus pandemic. Our staff is continuously staying up to date on the latest recommendations by the CDC and WHO to prevent the spread and exposure of COVID-19.


The following are workflow changes that have been put in place.


  1. Well visits – We are doing our best to have well visits during the morning hours. We have designated “well visit” rooms in order to minimize any exposures. As always, EVERY room has a thorough cleaning after EVERY visit.


  1. If your child is sick, PLEASE CALL the office before you arrive to discuss symptoms that are being evaluated. We may ask that you are escorted immediately to a patient room to minimize exposure of our waiting room.


  1. If you are concerned about symptoms or an exposure to COVID-19, we do have testing available, but will need to prepare for the visit. PLEASE discuss this when you are making your appointment.


  1. We ask you to consider VIRTUAL VISITS – We are expanding our scope and are encouraging more telehealth in order to minimize office exposure.


  1. CHANGING OFFICE HOURS – Starting next Monday, 3/23/2020, we will be open daily from 8am-4pm.


We are responding everyday to changes based on this evolving situation.  We appreciate all of your patience during this challenging time.


If you are curious about COVID-19 – please visit our Facebook page for daily updates and news.